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How to choose the right oven blast?


Blast Oven is the usual laboratory must have laboratory equipment, customers how to buy affordable oven, we do a thorough Shao Jie in this place for my business hot oven.

In selecting blast oven, you need to pay attention to the following points are for reference:

HASUC high-temperature oven and vertical sub-desktop Construction Construction of two kinds. Construction of Desktop (Desktop drying oven) refers to the cabinet and deputy cabinet (control panel) to about distribution duct provided in the left and right sides, as the wind in the work of the convection constitute degree, as can the size of the studio We beg you to customize according to the customer; vertical Construction (vertical drying oven) and the sub-cabinet level distribution into the box, as the wind in the studio composing vertical convection, vertical construction of the studio as I beg size can be customized .

Blast Oven volume Selection: Volume studio served may vary according to the volume of things and a few experiments to affirm. Drying process item, as the number of things the experimental studio and put safety as job placement forms affect the indoor temperature uniformity. The average temperature of beg relatively high, the initiative to increase the number of samples or choose the large size of the high-temperature oven, served to protect the work of the indoor hot air convection. Or sample something from the inner wall of the air intake firmly holding 2cm or more voids, as good in the studio external convection.

Combined blast oven temperature category selection and use of temperature: high temperature oven temperature scope of my business, there are three: RT + 0 ~ 250 ℃, RT + 0 ~ 300 ℃. Temperature in the following 150 ℃, can selection RT + 0 ~ 250 ℃ temperature category of high-temperature oven; every often used at a temperature between 150 ℃ ~ 290 ℃, the initiative selection RT + 0 ~ 300 ℃ temperature areas of high temperature oven; each often used at temperatures between 260 ℃ ~ 290 ℃, with the initiative of the motor overheating protection installation, geothermal motor protection.

Blast oven heating efficiency ordinary usual average 3 ~ 5 ℃ / min, high temperature heating up fast, slow heating at low temperature, warming up quickly in summer, winter heating slow, can be added by increasing the heating efficiency of the heating power. But the high temperature oven heating power increases, the temperature is too rushed when the thermostat will also increase.

If you need to pause blast oven multistage heating, warm or heating efficiency into the grasp and control, with optional programmable temperature controller (sub-two kinds of domestic and entrance).

If the blast oven dried sample compared tide humid in turn need to quickly dry conditions, and I speak the truth business, we will provide you tailored high-temperature oven.

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