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Warm congratulations to Shenzhen City Airtel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.the success of on-line!


Shenzhen City Airtel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is set research and development, production and sales in one of the thermostatic device manufacturers. Companies with advanced engineering technology, research and development team and production technology, complete production management, quality management and marketing management system. Since its inception, we are committed to technological innovation and the pursuit of high-quality and flexible combination of services, to provide customers with better temperature and humidity solutions. Leading products include: oven, vacuum box, Cabinets, incubator, constant temperature and humidity me, aging me, the chamber, constant temperature water bath, water bath, oil bath, nitrogen cabinets, storage cabinets, dehumidifiers, humidifiers and other series product. Successfully used in electronics, petroleum, chemicals, printing, textile, food and beverage, research, schools and other fields. The company has accumulated a wealth of product design know-how and experience in the production history, bringing together a large number of dedicated pursuit of excellence and a strong workforce. We have developed a variety of temperature and humidity control program product, but also have the ability to form a variety of complex structural design. As businesses continue to international development, we will further improve the system technician, strengthening product sales, installation and after-sale service, to push forward the overall business direction. Our mission is to make every product to exceed your expectations, every service has a greater increase, and as a basis for making healthy development of enterprises, growing. Airtel electronic willing to cooperate sincerely with you, hand in hand, and seek common development.

Our contact information is as follows:

Contact: Xu Bin

Phone: 13823769277


Address: Nanshan Building A-13D,Nanshan District, Guangdong Province, Nanhai Road, Shenzhen

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